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Legal representation without the stress

Can your divorce be resolved amicably?

Not every divorce has to be a protracted and costly legal battle with a lot of bad feelings. Many divorces occur with both parties' agreement on the divorce and the terms of the divorce. If you think that your divorce can be resolved without a lengthy and stressful battle in court, you need to speak with Alan Rosenak at our collaborative divorce practice in Johnson County, KS

Collaborative Practice is a voluntary dispute resolution process in which parties agree to settle their case without resorting to litigation.

Divorce can cause quite a strain on relationships with family. Our collaborative divorce practice in Johnson County, KS provides caring, experienced and compassionate legal representation using collaborative methods to amicably resolve divorce cases. Collaborative divorce is especially beneficial when children are involved, as applying these methods puts the needs of the children first.

Mr. Rosenak provides legal representation in divorces cases using the method of collaborative law. Alan approaches the process of divorce using the methods of collaborative law, negotiation, and problem-solving, and legal mediation in Johnson County, KS rather than initially pushing the case into litigation.

Divorce using the collaborative process:

          Reduces client stress.

          Is time and cost-efficient. 

          Solves legal problems rather than creates them.

          Achieves more meaningful solutions for our clients. 

How do you want your divorce resolved?

             Collaborative Law Traditional Methods                                                                Traditional Methods 

             "Win/win" based on goals, interests, & needs.                                                   "I win, you lose" 
             Focus on the needs of my child.                                                                                   Custody battles. Child trauma.
             Communication, healing, dignity, respect.                                                          Breakdowns & inflict damages.
             My control - I decide.                                                                                                          No control - Court decides.
             Creative solutions meet my situation.                                                                     "Cookie cutter" legal solutions only.
             Preserve parents & the family.                                                                                      Damage family.
             Cost effective & efficient.                                                                                                  Expensive litigation costs
             Confidential & private.                                                                                                        Public knowledge.
             Clients, with guidance, control process.                                                                  Court/attorneys control process.
             My time frame.                                                                                                                         Court's schedule.
             Client satisfaction high. 85-90% are resolved.                                                    Dissatisfaction with the outcome.

If you want to resolve your divorce as peacefully as possible,
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