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A Better way to Divorce: Collaborative Divorce

          Not every divorce has to be a protracted and costly legal battle with lots of bad feelings.  In many cases, divorce occurs when both parties agree on the terms. With our collaborative divorce method, we give couples the option to split peacefully, without a lengthy, stressful court saga. We provide caring, compassionate legal representation using collaborative methods to amicably resolve divorce cases.  This process is not only beneficial for couples but ideal for families with children. If you're looking for a kinder way to go your separate ways, you've come to the right place.

      Resolving Disputes Respectfully 

       During the collaborative law process, each spouse is represented by a specially trained collaborative divorce attorney.   A divorce coach and financial neutral professionals may be additional members of your team.   These team members meet with you and your spouse in what we call six-way meetings.  These safe and supportive meetings allow you to share your specific financial, personal and family issues of concern with the goal of helping you to reach a dignified and fair out of court agreement.

         Spouses commit to this non-adversarial process by signing a participation agreement.  In the safety and privacy of these confidential meetings, in order to discuss and negotiate needed issues, clients agree to honestly and openly provide relevant financial and other information. Clients commit to attempt to resolve their case out of court and to participate in this problem-solving approach that addresses their needs and the needs of their children.  

          Our meetings discuss issues that are important to you and to your family, such as how your marital assets & debts should be divided, what times and arrangements each parent should spend with their children, future financial monthly payments, and any other issue you need to discuss and resolve.  You and your family are unique;  the negotiation, mediation, and collaborative divorce processes all pay special attention to the special nuances of your family.  

        Rather than a judge, you and your spouse stay in control of the decisions. By utilizing a problem-solving approach, and emphasizing cooperation to find solutions, Collaborative Divorce allows you to reach a workable settlement by building on areas of mutual agreement.

          The goal of the collaborative (as well as negotiation, mediation) process is to produce a final written and enduring Agreement that is carefully tailored for your family.  Having arisen from your unique needs and decisions, that Agreement is then submitted to the Court for approval, along with other required legal documents I prepare.

          Divorce itself is an unpleasant life experience. However, by utilizing the non-adversarial processes of negotiation, mediation or collaborative divorce, you can find comfort knowing that you will find support from our team; you will be able to have your needs and goals heard, and your options considered and mutually incorporated into your final Agreement. Contact us today to discuss alternative dispute resolution in Johnson County, KS, such as in Overland Park and Leawood.

 Compare the benefits 

Traditional divorce process:

  • "I Win, You Lose"
  • Traumatic Custody Battles
  • Damages Communication, Healing, & Respect
  • Court Maintains Control 
  • Damages Families
  • Expensive Litigation 
  • Your financial and personal life is public knowledge
  • "Cookie-Cutter" Legal Solutions 
  • Dissatisfaction with Outcome 

Collaborative, Negotiation, Mediation:

  • Win/Win" Based on Goals, Interests, & Needs
  • Focus on what a Child Needs
  • Communication, Healing, & Respect
  • Client Controls the Process and Outcome
  • Preserves  and Honors Families
  • Cost-Effective & Efficient
  • Confidential & Discrete
  • Creative, Problem Solving Solutions
  • 85 - 90% Resolution Rate

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