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Other Family Law Matters

Other Family Law Services

       In addition to divorces in which we attempt to negotiate, mediate or utilize collaborative divorce processes to resolve your case, we utilize traditional methods should you have family law issues in the areas of Child Support, Paternity,  Adoption, Grandparent Rights,  or Children's Rights.  We are here to help you in these areas.

Child Support in Johnson County, KS

       Child support is required to pay for and provide for the needs of a child.  Kansas utilizes specific Guidelines to establish and modify child support.  Many factors are utilized to establish child support, including but are not limited to: the income of parents,  child health insurance premiums, work related daycare expenses, the age of the children, and many other factors.  Utilizing the latest Software, Alan can calculate what you should be receiving or paying in child support. Call Alan today to discuss your specific situation.

  • Establishing child support
  • Modification of child support

  • Determining how much is owed from past child support
  • Establish a procedure for paying or receiving child support.


  • Determining Paternity
  • Reimbursement of Birth-Related Expenses    
  • Obtaining Temporary Orders
  • Establishing Child Support & Insurance* 
  • Obtaining Final Orders
  • Establishing Legal Residence & Parenting Time


    We handle a variety of different adoption scenarios with a calm, compassionate approach. This includes:

    • Stepparent
    • Private
    • Local & National 
    • Foster Parent   
    • International & Between States
    • Agency

    Grandparent Rights

            In Kansas, grandparents are entitled to their own separate visitation rights if certain factors are met. In these cases, we ask the court to apply those factors and grant the appropriate visitation rights for grandparents seeking time with their grandchildren.

    Children's Rights

              Our children's rights services are designed to protect our society's most vulnerable members. With this in mind, we represent children who have been abused or neglected by independently advocating for their best interest as their Guardian Ad Litem. This service is also available for children who have been accused of crimes.

              Contact us today to discuss our services as divorce mediator utilizing divorce mediation in Overland Park and Leawood Kansas or anywhere in Kansas and Missouri or as attorney utilizing collaborative divorce in Kansas.

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