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            For divorcing couples who want to resolve their cases differently, I offer you and your spouse negotiation, mediation, or collaborative divorce. These processes provide you a supportive and respectful atmosphere in which you and your spouse, with the help of professionals, discuss and decide upon constructive and creative solutions. 


           Negotiation is one alternative divorce process is to help finalize your divorce. More than 95% of divorces are resolved through negotiation.  Alan will represent you and negotiate with your spouse, treating them with professionalism and respect or your spouse may wish consult with or retain their own attorney during this process.  Negotiation focuses on bargains, aims, needs and goals in an attempt to seek a common win-win ground for both parties.  This process is often less stressful, less expensive, and results in more meaningful outcomes for spouses.  Relevant family issues are negotiated and resolved out of court instead of litigated.


             Divorce mediation is a second alternative process to help you achieve your divorce. Mediation is the process that helps you and your  spouse decide your own divorce  terms and what is best for the both of you, and most importantly, for your children.  In mediation, you and your spouse meet with Alan (an impartial third party and mediator), and with his help, you discuss and negotiate any issues that are relevant to your marriage, especially debt and asset division, support (if applicable) and child issues.  In this process, family issues are also resolved out of court.

            Mediation helps you to end your marriage respectfully, amicably and as cost effective as possible.  You may wish to consult an independent attorney of your choice to advise you regarding your agreement.  Where there are strong feelings or problems in communication, a mental health professional (divorce coach) may be recommended to be part of the mediation team.  If needed, a financial neutral professional for particular financial matters could also be included in the mediation process.

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Collaborative Divorce

          Collaborative divorce is a third alternative legal process that enables couples who have decided to separate or end their marriage work with their lawyers and, as needed, with other family professionals such as the divorce coach and financial neutral. This process avoids the uncertain outcome of court and achieves a settlement that best meets the specific needs of both parties and their children, without the underlying threat of litigation. Collaborative divorce allows parties to have a fair settlement that is crafted to their particular needs. This process often reduces client stress, is time and cost-efficient, solves legal problems rather than creates them, and achieves more meaningful solutions for my clients. This process also allows you to resolve your family issues out of court.

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